Much of the economic success of the western world rests on the concept of the free market and the benefits, in terms of lower prices, choice and innovation, that the process of competition delivers to consumers. This is what competition law seeks to uphold and protect.
Antitrust and competition laws around the world are rapidly evolving and companies face new risks and challenges in keeping up with the complex and changing rules. The penalties for failing to comply can be severe.
Implementing the right culture throughout the business is integral to an effective competition law compliance programme. Comprehensive risk management policies are less onerous and more cost effective than dealing with a dawn raid or a regulatory body investigation. Additionally, competition authorities may look favourably on such compliance efforts and are more likely to show leniency towards companies that can prove they have a genuine culture of compliance.
We aim to simplify this challenging area of law by providing bespoke commercial and practical risk management programmes in a language that ensures all levels of the business understand how competition law applies to what they do every day at work.
Our areas of work include

  • Antitrust and competition dispute resolution and litigation
  • Compliance and risk management
  • Criminal investigations/anti-competitive conduct
  • Distribution and agency
  • Economic regulation, including liberalization, licensing, network access and price control
  • Intellectual property and technology licensing
  • International trade law
  • Pricing strategies
  • Public procurement
  • State aid