Law and business go hand in hand.
We’ve found that our early stage startups need significant support at the beginning of their journey with less support as they become more established and get their legal frameworks in place.
A startup lawyer is an essential partner to a new business. We will make sure you’re in compliance with all of the legal requirements that apply to your business and industry. We can also prevent legal problems from hurting your business down the line. A good startup lawyer helps you before you face a costly lawsuit or troubling legal situation.
Forming a legal entity is an important step for a new or growing business.
Each form of business has its own liability implications, tax consequences, and restrictions on ownership.
While it may be a romantic notion, doing business on a handshake simply isn’t a good idea. The exchange of money or promises should always be memorialized with a written contract for a host of reasons. Reducing an agreement to writing gives the parties an opportunity to work out any miscommunications and helps ensure the contract accurately reflects their intentions. Disputes can often be avoided by a well-written contract to which all parties are equally bound.
We can connect you with an experienced startup lawyer, who will work with you to identify important legal issues and strategize with you to tackle them efficiently and cost-effectively.
From the first days of your startup, a startup lawyer can help to ensure that you have handled the full range of salient issues before they become a problem:

  • Legal Structure
  • Dividing Shares Among Founders
  • Standard Forms
  • Standard Contract
  • Employee Contracts
  • Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy
  • Securities Law
  • IP Protection
  • Corporate Governance

We support a wide range of companies in handling all aspects of day-to-day business matters.
Some of these include:

  • Advising clients on legal matters
  • Developing strategies for clients to follow if they wish to minimize legal risk
  • Identifying opportunities or scenarios where legal action should be pursued
  • Drafting and/or verifying legal documents

Data protection law is also an issue that cannot be ignored, especially given the enhanced rights and obligations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our highly experienced data protection lawyers advise on a broad range of complex data protection issues.
The significance of data protection law continues to grow and raises issues of fundamental importance to individuals, businesses and organisations. We help individuals and business negotiate this complicated area of law, ensuring personal data is protected and helping to manage the consequences when it is not.
Having access to a lawyer to ask questions when you need to, get a risk assessment on the documents you are regularly asked to sign or just to put your mind at ease when you feel uncomfortable about a decision you are being asked to make can be invaluable to your business.