Public procurement is once more at the forefront of developments in EU law.
Over the past decade, public procurement has moved to a more prominent position. During this period we have supported a variety of procurement processes, both on behalf of contracting authorities, and those organisations tendering for contracts.
Our work on both sides of the public procurement process gives us a flexible outlook and the ability to see the wider picture. In consequence we are willing to challenge aspects of procurement processes on behalf of our clients, where necessary.
We can support your organisation whether you are running a public procurement process, or a provider participating in a public procurement as bidders.
In addition to our expertise in this area of law, we also bring together teams from our commercial, outsourcing, IT, real estate and tax groups, among others.

We can provide specialist advice on:

  • Whether your organisation is subject to the procurement regime
  • Compliance with the regime for contracting authorities (including advising on process documentation)
  • Identifying contracts and arrangements which sit outside the regime
  • How to anticipate potential issues and prepare suitable strategies for dealing with the rules
  • Procurement disputes
  • Challenges where processes may not have been followed correctly